[2 for $12.90] Happy Sticks


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Please take note that these products have either slight defect which do not affect the product's performance or are expiring.

01 Fair White - have bubbles on surface, Expiring on JAN 2020
02 Natural Fair - have bubbles on surface, Expiring on April 2020
03 Healthy Glow - have bubbles on surface, Expiring on JAN 2020
04 Dreamy Peach - Expiring on OCTOBER 2019
06 Exotic Berry - Expiring on SEPTEMBER 2019
08 Champagne Pink - Expiring in September 2019

Happy Makeup Day: Comes in 8 Fun & Vibrant Colours!

Mix & Match the colours to create your own unique makeup look!

Shades Available
Foundation/ Concealer Sticks: 01 Fair White, 02 Natural Beige, 03 Healthy Glow
Blusher/Lipstick/Eyeshadpw Sticks: 04 Dreamy Peach, 05 Sweet Pink, 06 Exotic Berry
Contour Stick: 07 V Shaper Toffee Brown (Double up as an eyeshadow)
Highlighter Stick: 08 Champagne Pink (Double up as an eyeshadow)

Cute tiny packaging, great for carrying around in your makeup pouch!

Formulated with Hyaluronic Essence for a smooth & creamy texture, ensuring easy application and they are super blendable! Titanium Dioxide absorbs sebum for a long lasting fresh makeup all day.

Tip: Use together with MKUP 5D Precision master Brush to create a streak-less & flawless finish!

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