MKUP® Deep Pore Cleansing Milk x2 + FREE Blackhead Washing Brush

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2 x Deep Pore Cleansing Milk + FREE Blackhead Washing Brush

Deep Pore Cleansing Milk:
  • Cleanses x Moisturises x Soothes
  • Infused with Sensitive Care essence and removing potential allergy-inducing substances to create a deep cleansing yet gentle formulation
  • Cleanses deep into the pores while retaining essential moisture leaving skin soft, bright and subtle. .
  • Alcohol and colorant free formulation is suitable for sensitive skin

How to use
Pump out an appropriate amount
Massage onto face in circular motions to dissolve makeup
Remove residue with a piece of tissue or by washing off with water

Blackhead Washing Brush:

  • Compact Design,Convenient for Travel Use,Easy to Wash
  • Gentle Silicone Material,Q Soft Cleansing Bristles,does not Pull your Skin
  • Ergonomic Design,Easy to Wash any Facial Contour,Deeply Cleans the whole Face
Key Benefits       
  • Can use to Wash or Remove Makeup,Giving you a Massage and Deep Cleanse for Nose and Hard to Reach Areas         
  • Mix with Cleansing Foam,produce Dense Foam, Massage your Face in Circular Movement to Deeply Cleanse your Face  
  • Mix with Makeup Remover,reaches Deep into your Pores,removing Makeup Residue       
  • Cleans and Massages your Face,leaving your Skin Radiant inside and out
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