24K Luxurious Anti-Ageing Lifting Serum Mask + Cloudy Deep Pore Cleansing Mask


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24K Luxurious Anti-Ageing Lifting Serum Mask + Cloudy Deep Pore Cleansing Mask

1. 24K Gold Luxurious Anti-Ageing Lifting Serum Mask
  • Specially Selected Tightening Repairing America Amber Essence,added Dipeptide, Tetrapeptide
  • Infused with Collagen, Smoothens Wrinkles, Fine Lines, Slows down Ageing of Skin
  • Instant Feel of Plump, Dewy, Supple Skin. Natural Korea Squalene combine with Italian Precious White Truffle,
  • Effectively Moisturizes, Whitens, Moisturizes and Rejuvenates Skin, Improving Skin’s Radiance and Suppleness  

Key Product Features
Content: 24K Gold Luxurious Anti-Ageing Lifting Serum Mask  / 150ml
Smoothens Wrinkles, Repairs, Tightens, Moisturizes and Locks in Moisture
Effective Slowing of Skin Ageing, 24K Gold Micromolecules and High Grade Caviar Tightening Lifting Essence
Repairs Skin, Regenerates Youthful Skin, allows your Skin to be Smooth, Radiant, Q Supple and Firm.

2. Cloudy Deep Pore Cleansing Mask
  • Instant whitening and brightening and pore tightening
  • Deep cleanses and purges out impurities deep in the pores
  • Arbutin, Vit C & Whitening Essence stops formation of pigmentation and brightens skin to a new tone.
  • Vit B5, E, Carbonated Water and Pore minimizing Essence creates the ultimate skin recovery regime

How to use
Shake well before use
Tilt downwards in a 45 degree angle with the nozzle pointing downwards
Lightly press on the nozzle head to dispense foam that is the size of a ping pong ball
Spread foam across evenly to cover the skin and pores, avoid eye area.
After about 5 minutes, there will be a tingling feelings and the foam gradually disappears
Wait for 10-15 minutes and wash off with clean water.
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