All In One Brow Design Kit


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  • [Triangular Shaped Pencil】Triangle Pencil Tip Rotating Design Water Resistant and Easy to Shape,Precise Creation of Natural Defined Brows
  • 【Cushion Brow Powder】Fills in your Brows,giving you Natural Pigmented Brows
  • 【Swirl Spoolie Design】Brings away Excess Brow Powder,Create Natural Brows  

Key Features
Unique 3 in 1 Eyebrow Pencil, own Natural Matte Brows
  • 【Ultra Fine Tip】Easily Draws and Shapes, Defines the Brow Tail
  • 【Cushion Brow Powder】Long Wearing, Smudgeproof Formula,Giving you Perfect Natural Brows
  • 【Swirl Spoolie Brush Head】Easily Sculpt any Brow Design
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All in one brown kit
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