Aqua Essence Stick+Dewy Foundation+ Miracle Youth Serum Free B3 Micellar Water +B12 Remover+ Barley Foam Cleanser


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Aqua Essence Stick+Dewy Foundation+ Miracle Youth Serum Free B3 Micellar Water +B12 Remover+ Barley Foam Cleanser

1. Aqua Essence Rescue Stick
Let your Skin be Dewy and Supple 
  • 「Before Makeup」Using it allows Skin to Maintain it’s Moisture,reawakens Skin’s Radiance
  • 「Touch up Makeup」Bye Bye Wearing off Makeup,allows your Makeup to maintain its Lightweight Perfect Fit

Key Features 
  • Highly Concentrated 63% Moisturizing Beauty Essence,Infused with Southern Sea Collagen,Moisturizing Power UP,Locks in the Moisture in your Skin
  • Infused with TREMELLA FUCIFORMIS, 50 x Hyaluronic Essence’s Moisturizing Power, Achieving a Radiant Supple Finish
  • All Day Dewy and Radiant, Creating Dewy Supple Skin 
2. Illuminating Dewy Foundation 
Revolutionary Illuminating Long Wearing Foundation  - available in 01 Fair White 02 Natural Fair
  • Using Hyaluronic Essence as a Base,Essence is Instantly Absorbed during Application
    Leaves a Lightweight Radiant Glow on your skin, Creating a Dewy Radiant Good Complexion  

Key Product Features 
  • Gentle and Non-Sticky Finish, achieving a Seamless Perfect Fit, Long Wearing UP and does not Wear Off Easily
  • Radiance, Moisturizing 2 in 1, Creating a Revolutionary Skincare Foundation  
3. Miracle Youth Serum
  • Infused with Highly Concentrated Beauty Essence,added Miracle Oil Control Blurring Power to Control your Facial Oil Secretion  
  • Achieve 10H Dewy Long Wearing Finish, with SPF15★★★ UV Protection

Key Product Features 
  • All in 1 Bottle - Corrects Skin Tone, Blurs, Moisturizing, Long Wearing, Sun Protection
  • Easily Beautifies your Skin Tone, Conceals your Pores. If applied individually gives a Good Silky Complexion  
4. B3 Aqua Glow Micellar Water 
Lightly Pat, Removes Makeup Effectively,Soothes & Calms Skin
- Infused with Vitamin B3,Moisturizes & Locks in Moisture
- Dual Function - Removes Makeup and Skincare,Achieve Dewy Radiant Skin
- Suitable for all Skin Types,Formulated for Sensitive Skin  

Key Product Benefits 
- Vitamin B3 as Key Ingredient,Removes Makeup and Skincare,Achieve Dewy Radiant Skin
- Effectively Cleans Makeup,Superb Cleansing Power and is Gentle and Hydrating
- 5 in 1 Functions,Removes Makeup X Cleans X Moisturizes X Soothes X Brightens,all in 1

5. B12 Serum Eye and Lip Remover 
  • Natural Moisturizing Vitamin B12 Moisturizes and Smoothens your Skin - Hydrates, Tightens and Repairs your Skin
  • Coupled with Previous Camellia Flower Oil, Revitalizes your Skin, Repairs Rough Skin, giving your skin a Brightening Glow
  • Neutral PH 7.0 Formulation,does not Irritate your Skin or Sting your Eyes, Effortlessly Removes your Makeup without adding any Burden to your Skin  

Key Selling Features 
  • Superb Moisturizing B12 Hydrates and Moisturizes Cleans, Gentle and Softens your Skin,
  • Effectively Removes Stubborn Eye Makeup without Stinging your Eyes
  • Appealing Pinkish Packaging, Improving your Mood, Soothing your Tired Self
6. Barley Foam Cleanser
- Effortlessly removes dirt & excess sebum deep in the pores.
- Skin does not feel dry nor tight
- No fragrance, alcohol, colorant or silicon. Gentle on Sensitive Skin
- Repairs & conditions skin texture for a brighter & more radiant skin
- Triple Action - Whitening, Moisturising, Strengthening
- Super dense & creamy bubble foam

How to use
Squeeze out a coin size product
Add a little water and lather
Massage the dense bubble foam on the skin to remove dirt & excess sebum
Rinse off with water
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