Aqua Rescue Essence Stick x 2


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Aqua Rescue Essence Stick X 2

Let your Skin be Dewy and Supple
  • 「Before Makeup」Using it allows Skin to Maintain it’s Moisture,reawakens Skin’s Radiance
  • 「Touch up Makeup」Bye Bye Wearing off Makeup,allows your Makeup to maintain its Lightweight Perfect Fit

Key Features 
  • Highly Concentrated 63% Moisturizing Beauty Essence,Infused with Southern Sea Collagen,Moisturizing Power UP,Locks in the Moisture in your Skin
  • Infused with TREMELLA FUCIFORMIS, 50 x Hyaluronic Essence’s Moisturizing Power, Achieving a Radiant Supple Finish
  • All Day Dewy and Radiant, Creating Dewy Supple Skin 
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