B12 Eye and Lip Remover 2 x Water Resistant Lip Cream


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1 x B12 Serum Eye and Lip Remover
2 x Water Resistant Power Lip Cream

Key Product Features
  • Natural Moisturizing Vitamin B12 Moisturizes and Smoothens your Skin - Hydrates, Tightens and Repairs your Skin
  • Coupled with Previous Camellia Flower Oil, Revitalizes your Skin, Repairs Rough Skin, giving your skin a Brightening Glow
  • Neutral PH 7.0 Formulationļ¼Œdoes not Irritate your Skin or Sting your Eyes, Effortlessly Removes your Makeup without adding any Burden to your Skin  
Key Selling Features 
  • Superb Moisturizing B12 Hydrates and Moisturizes Cleans, Gentle and Softens your Skin,
  • Effectively Removes Stubborn Eye Makeup without Stinging your Eyes
  • Appealing Pinkish Packaging, Improving your Mood, Soothing your Tired Self

Water Resistant Power Lip Cream:

Water resistance formulation is so powerful that it is 
  • kiss-proof
  • smudge-proof
  • stays puts after eating
It goes on smooth like ice cream and the colour is super pigmented so all you need is a single swipe for intense colour leaving behind gorgeous lips of summer hues that last all day long.

Available in 8 colours
#01 - Rosee
#02 - Berry Brandy
#03 - Burgundy Cherry
#04 - Porter Raspberry
#05 - Cranberry Rum
#06 - Mulberry Sherry
#07 - Nude Sakura
#08 - Milky Nude
#09 - Moulin Rouge  

How to use
Apply a thin layer at the centre of your lips
Evenly blend out the colour towards the edges
Allow it to dry for at least 5 minutes
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