[Buy 2 Get 1] Real Complexion Cream + Derma Real Complexion Cream Free Body Whitening Cream


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Derma Moisture Real Complexion Cream SPF30*** + Real Complexion Cream 30ml Free Body Whitening Cream

1. Derma Moisture Real Complexion Cream SPF30***
  • Refreshing and Moisturizing in Humid Weather, Achieve Supple Skin  
  • Combine with Extreme Water Primer, achieve Lightweight Zero Makeup Finish
  • SPF30★★★ Effective UV Protection  

Key Features  
  • Natural Iris, Rose Flower Extract, giving you Double Colour Correction
  • Added Superb Moisturizing Antarctic Glycoprotein,Boosts Moisturizing and Locks in Moisture
  • Infused with Soothing Centella Asiatica,Soothes your Dry Skin
2. Real Complexion Cream 30ml
  • 100% Skincare that is Makeup Standard,Foundation x Facial Mask x Night Cream 
  • 2% Tranexamic Acid + 7 in 1 Whitening Essence
  • Corrects Skin Tone,Brightening Pinkish Glow! Laze and be Beautiful!
    HALAL Certified

    3. Miracle Whitening Body Cream
    Fall in Love with Miracle whitening body cream that instantly transforms blemished spotty legs, acned back and dull patchy skin to an unbelievably fair, smooth and younger-looking skin from the neck down. 

    - 2% Tranexamic Acid delivers Real Effective Whitening transformation! 
    - Combined with Papaver Nigrum Extract and Macadamia oil, it helps reduces water retention, refines and tone the body to create ultimate whitening body care
    - Damask Rose Essence Hyaluronic Acid and Argan oil aids in removing dry skin patches, while hydrating and moisturizing skin with a velvety pinkish glow. 

    Mineral based formula is hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin
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