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1. Airy Volume Dry Shampoo
 Precious High Mountain Butterfly Flower Extract and Corn Starch, Effective Formulation for Deep Oil Control
• Couple with Sheng Chuan Lotus Extract Revitalizes your Hair, making it Luscious and Volume, like just-washed Salon feeling Clean and Refreshed  
• Irish Red Algae Extract, Infused with Collagen ensuring Hair is Smooth and Manageable, giving it Effective Oil Control 

Key Product Features
• Ultra-Fine Powder Texture,Instantly Create Refreshing Bouncy Hair, Easily Achieve Fluffy Fringe
• Natural Ingredients with no Alcohol, Gentle and Hypo-Allergenic

2. Reawakening Lip Essence Lip Balm
• Infused with High Technological Moisturizing Molecule, containing Hyaluronic Essence and Shea Butter,repairs dry lips effectively
• Reawakens skin renewal to achieve BABY SOFT Pink Lips
• Easy Application giving you instant hydration and dewy glow 
• Repairs and smoothen deep lip lines

3. Extreme Water Primer
• Contains Unique Brightening Micro-Pearls, giving you a Dewy Radiant Complexion  
• Easily achieve a Luminous Healthy Glow,you can also mix with your foundation
• Provides a Non-cakey and Long Wearing Finish 

Product Key Benefits
• Infused with Hydrating Hyaluronic Essence, instantly repairs dry and dull sallow skin tone  
• If you put on a hydrating mask, will further moisturize and replenish the skin’s moisture level

4. Dewy Lip Lacquer
  • 1st Application Pigmented Colour,2nd Application Double Moisturizing,3rd Application Dewy Shimmery Glow,like Ultra Dewy Glossy Sheen on your Lips
  • 3 X Moisturizing – Evening Primrose Oil, Tamanu Oil, Pure Avocado Oil
  • Lightweight and Non-Sticky,Moisturizes Effectively and Smoothens Lip Lines,Creates Sexy Dewy Lips
  • Choose from 6 Colours - 01Rosy Pink, 02 Salmon Pink, 03 Berry Pink,  04 Mauve Pink, 05 Milky Nude, 06 Vintage Red

Key Product Features
  • Revolutionary Dewy Essence Lip Lacquer, Pigmented and Smoothens Lip Lines, Create Dewy Glossy Full Lips 
  • A Lipstick that has the Glossy from a Lip Gloss, Pigmented Colour from a Lipstick and Long Wearing from a Lip Cream 
  • 6 Vibrant Colours to Choose from,Suitable for any Skin Tone
5. 5D Slim Precision Brush
  • Designed for Asian features
  • 5D Tapered-Edge brush is able to effortlessly reach all contours of the face such as inner corners of eyes, eyebrows, and nose
  • Dense synthetic fine hair that is half the size of normal brush
  • Multi- functioned brush is designed for cream, liquid to powder foundation
  • Ultra-fine brush fibre creates flawless coverage and easy blending
  • Short brush handle allows easy and comfortable grip 

1. Use to conceal dark undereye circles
2. Brighten T-Zone
3. Contours of nose
4. Conceal corners of mouth
5. Highlight of brow bone

6. All in 1 Brow Design
  • [Triangular Shaped Pencil】Triangle Pencil Tip Rotating Design Water Resistant and Easy to Shape,Precise Creation of Natural Defined Brows
  • 【Cushion Brow Powder】Fills in your Brows,giving you Natural Pigmented Brows
  • 【Swirl Spoolie Design】Brings away Excess Brow Powder,Create Natural Brows  
  • Available in 3 shades - 01 Grey Brown 02 Dark Brown 03 Light Brown

Key Features
Unique 3 in 1 Eyebrow Pencil, own Natural Matte Brows
  • 【Ultra Fine Tip】Easily Draws and Shapes, Defines the Brow Tail
  • 【Cushion Brow Powder】Long Wearing, Smudgeproof Formula,Giving you Perfect Natural Brows
  • 【Swirl Spoolie Brush Head】Easily Sculpt any Brow Design
7. Moisturizing Q10 Mist 120ml
  • Infused high concentration of Q10 locks in and boosts moisture
  • Rich in anti-oxidants and supports skin cell rejuvenation, making skin so soft and supple
  • Alcohol-free Micro Mist Spray, makes each spray instant moisture relief for dry skin
  • Allows your make up to stay longer all day without irritation
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
How to use
Usage 1. Spray on foundation brush or beauty sponge 
Usage 2. Spray on face and body
Usage 3. Spray on dry & damaged hair for smoother combing

8. Perfect 3 Concealer
  • Contains Barley Extract to lighten dark spots and whiten skin.
  • Organic Marula Oil intensely hydrates and renew skin cells.
  • Rose Hip Oil with antioxidant properties to prevent fine lines.
  • Australian Macadamia Oil firms the skin and slows down ageing process.
How to use:
Brightening Colour: Illuminates & Defines
Natural Colour: Conceals all imperfections
Wheat Colour: Contours & Corrects

9. Tattoo Black Eyeliner
[Cleo 2016 Hall of Fame - Most Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner]

  • 100% Super intense Black for perfect definition
  • Laser sharp precision with 0.01mm tip ideal for both fine and bold lines
  • Long wearing, zero smudge and super waterproof
  • Ingenious applicator for smooth ink delivery. 
Shake well before use for the maximum colour impact

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