MKUP® Dewy Essence Lip Lacquer X 2


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  • 1st Application Pigmented Colour,2nd Application Double Moisturizing,3rd Application Dewy Shimmery Glow,like Ultra Dewy Glossy Sheen on your Lips
  • 3 X Moisturizing – Evening Primrose Oil, Tamanu Oil, Pure Avocado Oil
  • Lightweight and Non-Sticky,Moisturizes Effectively and Smoothens Lip Lines,Creates Sexy Dewy Lips
  • Choose from 6 Colours - 01Rosy Pink, 02 Salmon Pink, 03 Berry Pink,  04 Mauve Pink, 05 Milky Nude, 06 Vintage Red

Key Product Features
  • Revolutionary Dewy Essence Lip Lacquer, Pigmented and Smoothens Lip Lines, Create Dewy Glossy Full Lips 
  • A Lipstick that has the Glossy from a Lip Gloss, Pigmented Colour from a Lipstick and Long Wearing from a Lip Cream 
  • 6 Vibrant Colours to Choose from,Suitable for any Skin Tone
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