[FOR MEN] Super Water Resistant Eyebrow Gel


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uper Water Resistant Eyebrow Gel 
  • 2mm Rotating Precise Nib,Effortless Create Precise Brow Shape and Fine Brow Tail
  • Super Waterproof Formula,Create Smudge Proof, Trendy, Zero Error Perfect Brows
  • 3 Natural Colours - 01 Grey Brown, 02 Dark Brown, 03 Light Brown  
Key Product Benefits 
  • Exclusive Long Wearing Formula, Resistant against Oil and Sweaty Skin
  • Smooth Texture,Super Pigmented,Designed for Beginners
  • Non-Clumpy, Smudge Proof, Natural Precise Brow Shape in 1 Stroke
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Eyebrown gel
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