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4 Steps Easy Routine

Step 1 - Moisturizing Primer

a. Real Complexion Cream 30ml
  • 100% Skincare that is Makeup Standardļ¼ŒFoundation x Facial Mask x Night Cream 
  • 2% Tranexamic Acid + 7 in 1 Whitening Essence
  • Corrects Skin Toneļ¼ŒBrightening Pinkish Glow! Laze and be Beautiful!
    HALAL Certified

    b. Dewy Glass Glow Cream 30ml
    怐Squalane x Japanese Algae Formulation怑
    • Dewy Radiance and forms a Moisture Retention Shield on your Skin
    • Natural Rose Petal Extract Corrects Redness, Dullness and Sallow Skin
    • Infused with 16 million molecular weight of Polysaccharide, superb hydration, locking in 31 times of moisture
    Key Product Features
    • Revolutionary Formulation with High Moisturizing 13% Beauty Essence
    • Goodbye Dull Blemished Skin, Create a Q Supple Fair Radiance
    • Create a Dewy Radiance, Achieve your Dream Glass Glowing Skin
    Step 2 - Coverage and Sunscreen

    a. Miracle Youth Serum
    • Infused with Highly Concentrated Beauty Essenceļ¼Œadded Miracle Oil Control Blurring Power to Control your Facial Oil Secretion  
    • Achieve 10H Dewy Long Wearing Finish, with SPF15ā˜…ā˜…ā˜… UV Protection
    Key Product Features 
    • All in 1 Bottle - Corrects Skin Tone, Blurs, Moisturizing, Long Wearing, Sun Protection
    • Easily Beautifies your Skin Tone, Conceals your Pores. If applied individually gives a Good Silky Complexion  
    b. 100% Mineral Sunscreen
    MKUP 100% Mineral Moisturising Sunscreen with SPF 30 ā˜…ā˜…ā˜… protects skin against UVA & UVB and also helps even out skin tone, blurs blemishes and acts as a makeup base substitute. 
    Pure mineral formulation (Titanium & zinc oxide) effectively controls and absorbs excess oil to create a natural and wonderful glow on the skin.

    -Oil free 
    -Non-Comedogenic formulation

    -Suitable for kids, pregnant women & sensitive skin
    - No chemical! No fragrance! No alcohol! 

    c. Air space Coverage long wearing foundation SPF30ā˜…ā˜…ā˜…
    怌Ocean Dew Moisturizing Factor怍Moisturizes and Locks in Moisture, Softens your Skin
    怌Australia Berries Extract怍Soothes Dry Skin, Effectively Hydrates your Skin Dab Lightly to apply, create a Perfect Fit, Lightweight like a 2nd Skin                                                
    Key Product Features
    Infused with Effective Moisturizing Essence, Super Easy to Blend Smooth and Moisturizing, does not form Fine Lines
    Perfect Coverage, Conceals Scars and Pores Unique Long Wearing Formula, achieve 12 Hour Flawless, Water Resistant Finish

    Step 3 : Colour your Lips 

    a. Reawakening Lip Essence Cream 
    ā€¢ Infused with High Technological Moisturizing Molecule, containing Hyaluronic Essence and Shea Butterļ¼Œrepairs dry lips effectively
    ā€¢ Reawakens skin renewal to achieve BABY SOFT Pink Lips
    ā€¢ Easy Application giving you instant hydration and dewy glow 
    ā€¢ Repairs and smoothen deep lip lines

    b. Water Resistant Lip Cream 
    Water resistance formulation is so powerful that it is
    • kiss-proof
    • smudge-proof
    • stays puts after eating
    It goes on smooth like ice cream and the colour is super pigmented so all you need is a single swipe for intense colour leaving behind gorgeous lips of summer hues that last all day long.

    Available in 8 colours
    #01 - Rosee
    #02 - Berry Brandy
    #03 - Burgundy Cherry
    #04 - Porter Raspberry
    #05 - Cranberry Rum
    #06 - Mulberry Sherry
    #07 - Nude Sakura
    #08 - Milky Nude
    #09 - Moulin Rouge  

    How to use
    Apply a thin layer at the centre of your lips
    Evenly blend out the colour towards the edges
    Allow it to dry for at least 5 minutes

    c. Plant Restorative Lip Treatment Oil
    ā€¢ Infused with natural plant essence, hydrates and replenish the oil, instantly gives your lips a dewy supple effect
    ā€¢ Like the lipā€™s natural oilļ¼ŒMoisturizes and Repairsļ¼Œnon-stickyļ¼Œfeels like you have put on a lip mask
    ā€¢ After lip stick application, your dry lips would become dewy, transforming to irresistible sexy lips
    ā€¢ Apply a thick layer before your sleepļ¼Œintensive night repairļ¼Œgiving you dewy supple lips

    Product Key Benefits
     ć€01 Moisturizing怑
    ā€¢ Natural Rose Petals and Highly Moisturizing Jojoba Oil 
    ā€¢ Deeply Moisturizes upper and lower lips, hydrates and repairs

     ć€02 Whitening怑
    Natural Forget me Not Petals and Highly Concentrated Dunaliella Salina Extract
    Effectively Brightens Dullness, giving you Whitening and Moisturizing Repair

    Step 4 - Cleanse
    a. B5 Deep Cleansing Milk
    • Same PH Level as your Skinļ¼Œallowing you Gentle and Deep Cleansing
    • Added Highly Concentrated Vitamin B5ļ¼ŒEffectively Moisturizes and Smoothens your Skin
    • Refreshing and Non-Sticky Textureļ¼ŒHypoallergenic and Soothes your Skin
    Key Product Features
    • Vitamin B5 Smoothens your skin, prevents it from being Dry
    • Gentle with PH Level 5.5ļ¼ŒCleanse Effortlessly
    • Moisturizing, Refreshing, Non-Sticky, Gently Removes Makeup
    b. B3 Micellar Cleansing Water
    • Lightly Pat, Removes Makeup Effectivelyļ¼ŒSoothes & Calms Skin
    • Infused with Vitamin B3ļ¼ŒMoisturizes & Locks in Moisture
    • Dual Function - Removes Makeup and Skincareļ¼ŒAchieve Dewy Radiant Skin
    • Suitable for all Skin Typesļ¼ŒFormulated for Sensitive Skin
    Key Product Benefits
    • Vitamin B3 as Key Ingredientļ¼ŒRemoves Makeup and Skincareļ¼ŒAchieve Dewy Radiant Skin
    • Effectively Cleans Makeupļ¼ŒSuperb Cleansing Power and is Gentle and Hydrating
    • 5 in 1 Functionsļ¼ŒRemoves Makeup X Cleans X Moisturizes X Soothes X Brightensļ¼Œall in 1
    c. Calendula Deep Pore Cleansing Mousse
    • Goodbye Comedones and Dirt
    • Elastic Silicone Brush Head that Gently Cleanse and Massages the Skin
    • Removes Light Makeup and Deeply Cleanses,  Makeup Removal X Facial Cleanser Dual Formula
    • Precious Calendula Flower    Hydrates and Soothes your Skin 
    Key Selling Points
    • 1st Ever 2 in 1 Makeup Remover + Facial Cleanserļ¼Super Cleanļ¼Œlet your Pores Breathe again 
    • 3 Key Plant Extract Ingredientsļ¼ŒSoothes and Care for Sensitive Skin
    • No Alcohol, No Colorant
    • HALAL Certified

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