Luminous Dawn Eye shadow + Eyeliner + Eye Shadow Brush


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Luminous Dawn Eye shadow + Oil & Water Resist Eyeliner/Water Resist Eyeliner + Contour shading master

Luminous Dawn Eye shadow
Perfect Alluring Eyes gives a Natural Feel when you blink.
Long Wearing, leaves no Fine Lines on your Eyelid, Smooth Ultra Fine Pearl Glow Eye Shadow

Key Features
Exclusive Pigmented Technology,Super Pigmented and stays on well, Smooth Texture makes it easy and quick to smudge, giving you an Alluring Eyes all day long.

2. Oil & Water Resist Eyeliner or Water Resist Eyeliner
Oil & Water Resist Eyeliner 
  • Upgraded with Waterproof Formula
  • Precise Application Ultra Black Eyeliner, Create Intense Black Long Wearing Eye Lines

Key Features
【Not Afraid of Water or Oil】
Unique Smudge proof Protection Film, Long Staying and Long Wearing
【Intense Black】
Special Ink Diffusor, Ink does not Flow Backwards,1 Stroke gives Intense Black Colour
【Pigmented 0.01mm Anti-Shake Pen Tip】
Precise Application of Eye Line, Zero Technique

 Water Resist Eyeliner 
Upgraded Super Water Resistant Formula
Draw Precise Intense Black Eye Lines, Create Intense Long Staying Eye Lines  

Key Features    
  • Protective Film Technology, Creates a Super Water-Resistant Wear
  • 0.01mm Flexible Ultra Fine Tip, enables a Consistent Flow of Non-Fading Intense Black Ink
  • 24H Long Wearing, unlocking Alluring Eyes
3. Contour shading master
  • Angled precision cut tailored to fit perfectly for every eye shape
  • Sharp tip makes it easy to apply eyeshadow on crease and corner of eyes effortlessly
  • Plush and soft 2x ultra fine synthetic bristles that picks up colors easily
  • Does not prick the skin
  • Cruelty Free

1. Application on entire eyelid
2. Shading of brows
3. Nose contouring
4. Use on outer corner of eyes to add depth
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