Micro Essence Creamy Foam Wash x 2


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Micro Essence Creamy Foam Wash x 2
  • Use Dense Micellar Bubbles instead of your Hands to Cleanse,allows your skin to be Moisturized and Supple
  • Hyaluronic Essence Infused Bubbles Deeply Cleanse your Pores, Gently Removes the Dirt,allows your Skin to Glow from inside out
  • Super Moisturizing and doesn’t Irritate Skin,Soothing and Gentle for all Skin Types.

Key Product Features 
  • Infused with Dual Moisturizing Hyaluronic Essence and Ceramide Essence, creates Dense Moisturizing Bubbles that is Super Hydrating
  • Cactus Extract improves Skin’s Water Retention. Giving a Supple and Dewy Feel after Cleansing
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Micro essence creamy foam wash review
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