Miracle Youth Serum Cream + Dewy Glow Foundation Free Precision Master Brush


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Miracle Youth Serum Cream + Dewy Foundation Free Precision Master Brush

1. Miracle Youth Serum Cream
  • Infused with Highly Concentrated Beauty Essence,added Miracle Oil Control Blurring Power to Control your Facial Oil Secretion  
  • Achieve 10H Dewy Long Wearing Finish, with SPF15★★★ UV Protection

Key Product Features 
  • All in 1 Bottle - Corrects Skin Tone, Blurs, Moisturizing, Long Wearing, Sun Protection
  • Easily Beautifies your Skin Tone, Conceals your Pores. If applied individually gives a Good Silky Complexion  

2. Illuminating Dewy Foundation
Revolutionary Illuminating Long Wearing Foundation 
  • Using Hyaluronic Essence as a Base,Essence is Instantly Absorbed during Application
    Leaves a Lightweight Radiant Glow on your skin, Creating a Dewy Radiant Good Complexion  

Key Product Features 
  • Gentle and Non-Sticky Finish, achieving a Seamless Perfect Fit, Long Wearing UP and does not Wear Off Easily
  • Radiance, Moisturizing 2 in 1, Creating a Revolutionary Skincare Foundation  
3. Precision Master Brush
  • Designed for Asian features
  • 5D Tapered-Edge brush is able to effortlessly reach all contours of the face such as inner corners of eyes, eyebrows, and nose
  • Dense synthetic fine hair that is half the size of normal brush
  • Multi- functioned brush is designed for cream, liquid to powder foundation
  • Ultra-fine brush fibre creates flawless coverage and easy blending
  • Short brush handle allows easy and comfortable grip 

How to use
Dab an appropriate amount of foundation across face
Evenly distribute by sweeping brush outwards towards the hairline
Angle the brush such that the tapered tip of the brush can reach difficult areas such as around the nose

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