MKUP® Air Veil Mineral Fixing Powder + Loose Powder Master Brush


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x1 Mattifying Air Veil Mineral Fixing Powder OR Light Reflecting Air Veil Mineral Fixing Powder
x1 Urban Jungle Loose Powder Master Brush

Air Veil Mineral Fixing Powder:
01 Mattifying:
* Mineral Based Superb Oil Control,Hypo-allergenic、Zero Oil、Weightless ·       
* Cotton Soft Powder,Comes with a Soft Touch Fibre Puff
* Achieve Silky Soft Skin through putting on a Matte Translucent Airy Veil

* SPF30★★★ Protection, Non-sticky
* Beautiful Silky Sheer Finish,Long Lasting Oil Control, Ceramic Flawless Radiance

02 Light Reflecting:
* Mineral Base Oil Control, Hypo-allergenic, Zero Shine, Weightless ·       
* Brightens Dull Face with a Sheer Light Reflecting Airy Veil 
* SPF30★★★Protection, Non-Sticky
* Gives your skin a Silky Smooth Finish, Achieving a Long Lasting Oil Control Luminous Radiance.

Loose Powder Master Brush:
  • Evenly picks up both loose and cake powder for seamless setting
  • Super soft and 2x Ultra fine brush bristles
  • Densely packed bristles allow streak-less application
  • This brush works great for applying powder products onto the cheekbones and temples with blusher or bronzer. The tapered tip is also ideal for gently contouring the face.

How to use
Swirl the brush to pick up powder and tap off excess powder
Apply on to T-zone area that is prone to oil
Apply evenly onto sides and to the entire face
Holding the brush at 45 degree angle, brush off excess powder on the face 

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