MKUP® Camellia Eye&Lip Remover + Tattoo/Illegal Eyeliner + Super Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil


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1 x Camellia Extract Eye & Lip Makeup Remover
1 x Illegal Eyeliner or Tattoo Black Eyeliner
1 x Super Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil

Camellia Extract Eye & Lip Makeup Remover:
Camellia Extract Water Phase + Translucent Oil Phase 

  • 3-in-1: removes makeup, cleanses, repairs
  • Effortlessly removes waterproof & long wearing makeup.
  • Ph level is similar to tears in eyes, making it gentle on skin and non-stinging to eyes, and yet has superb cleansing power.

Suitable for sensitive skin. 

How to use
Shake the bottle well & pour an appropriate amount onto cotton pad
Hold it on eye area
For heavier eye makeup, gentle wipe downwards

Illegal Eyeliner:
  • Laser Precision allows you to draw thinly~ 
  • Extremely Smudge-proof even under water or oil
  • Quick Dry Formula
  • Protective Film Formula for Long Lasting Oil Control
Comes in Black and Brown

Great for those with Oily Eyelids!

Tattoo Eyeliner:
[Cleo 2016 Hall of Fame - Most Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner]

  • 100% Super intense Black for perfect definition
  • Laser sharp precision with 0.01mm tip ideal for both fine and bold lines
  • Long wearing, zero smudge and super waterproof
  • Ingenious applicator for smooth ink delivery. 
Shake well before use for the maximum colour impact

Super Waterproof Eyebrow Pencil:
World's first 2mm Ultrafine tip Eyebrow Pencil 

  • Long wearing, waterproof and smudge-proof even under water
  • 2mm Ultra-fine tip allows drawing of precise brow angles and perfect for creating gradient shade brows

4 trendy colors selection
01 Brown Grey
02 Dark Brown
03 Light Brown
04 Linen

Tip: Use at least 2 color tone to create the natural- looking gradient brow
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