Reawakening Moisturizing Repair Serum Cream x 2 Free sugar therapy


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Reawakening Moisturizing Repair Serum Cream x 2 Free sugar therapy

1. Reawakening Moisturizing Repair Serum Cream
Targets Fine Lines, Flaking Skin, Intensively Repairs Dry Skin. Essence Infused Formula instantly Repairs Skin, achieving a 10 Hour Moisturizing Effects 

Key Features
  • Effectively Locks in Moisture, likes a Moisture Repair Shield
  • Infused with High Quality Extracts – Squalane and Hyaluronic Essence  
  • Icy Cold Massage Head, Intensify Moisturizing, Effectively Rejuvenates Skin
2. Hydrating Sugar Therapy Lip Balm
• Natural Exfoliation Formula, Using Fresh Mint and Fine Cane Sugar as key ingredients
• High Concentrated Shea Butter Moisturizes Effectively, Locks in Water and slows down Dead Skin Formation 
• Corrects dullness and exfoliates chapped skin
• Smoothens lip lines
• Lips feel rejuvenated like Baby Soft Plump Skin 

How to use:
Apply evenly on lips, massaging in small circular motions
Use dry/wet tissue to wipe off residue
Regain supple soft lips
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