Advanced Night Rescue Delivery Treatment Mask x 10pc

Delivery method: | Self-collect
  • Revolutionary Essence Gel Texture, Strengthens the Infusion of Skincare Overnight, giving your skin a Deep Repair,equivalent to 30 Bottles of Ampoule Essence, Revitalizes your skin, Creating a Dewy Radiant Supple Skin.
  • Last Step of Skincare before you sleep  

  • Key Product Features 
    Revolutionary Essence Infused Gel Base Mask   
    Hydrates and Locks in Moisture『Ceramide』
    Strengthens the Moisturizing, Revitalizes your Base Skin Added Super Effective Repair『Copper Peptide』
    Creates a Supple Radiant Firm Skin,『Apple Stem Cell』
    Lightens Fine Lines, Improves the Suppleness and Tightens
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