Calendula Cleansing Mousse

Delivery method: | Self-collect
  • Elastic Silicone Brush Head that Gently Cleanse and Massages the Skin
  • Removes Light Makeup and Deeply Cleanses, Makeup Removal X Facial Cleanser Dual Formula
  • Precious Calendula Flower Hydrates and Soothes your Skin 
Key Selling Points
  • 1st Ever 2 in 1 Makeup Remover + Facial Cleanser!Super Clean,let your Pores Breathe again 
  • 3 Key Plant Extract Ingredients,Soothes and Care for Sensitive Skin
  • No Alcohol, No Colorant
  • HALAL Certified

How to use
Lightly press down the pump head to dispense luscious thick foam
Cleanse your face with the brush head
Pay extra attention to T zone to deeply cleanse pores
Rinse off with water
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Halal cert
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