Plant Restorative Treatment Lip Essence - 02 Phyto Whitening

Delivery method: | Self-collect
• Infused with natural plant essence, it hydrates and replenishes, instantly giving your lips a dewy supple effect
• Similar to lip’s natural oil,it Moisturizes and Repairs,is non-sticky,and feels like you have put on a lip mask

Product Key Benefits

【01 Moisturizing】
• Natural Rose Petals and Highly Moisturizing Jojoba Oil 
• Deeply Moisturizes upper and lower lips, hydrates and repairs

【02 Whitening】
• Natural Forget-me-Not Petals and Highly Concentrated Dunaliella Salina Extract
• Effectively Brightens Dullness, giving you Whitening and Moisturizing Repair

How to use: 
• Apply a thick layer before sleep,intensive night repair will give you dewy supple lips the next day
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