Air Veil Mineral Fixing Powder

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Mineral Fixing Powder - 01 Mattifying (NEW)
* Mineral Based Superb Oil Control,Hypo-allergenic、Zero Oil、Weightless ·       
* Cotton Soft Powder,Comes with a Soft Touch Fibre Puff
* Achieve Silky Soft Skin through putting on a Matte Translucent Airy Veil

* SPF30★★★ Protection, Non-sticky
* Beautiful Silky Sheer Finish,Long Lasting Oil Control, Ceramic Flawless Radiance

Mineral Fixing Powder - 02 Glow (NEW)
* Mineral Base Oil Control, Hypo-allergenic, Zero Shine, Weightless ·       
* Brightens Dull Face with a Sheer Light Reflecting Airy Veil 
* SPF30★★★Protection, Non-Sticky
* Gives your skin a Silky Smooth Finish, Achieving a Long Lasting Oil Control Luminous Radiance.

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