B5 Deep Cleansing Milk x2 Free Blackhead Washing Brush


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2 x B5 Conditioning Gentle Deep Cleansing Milk + FREE Blackhead Washing Brush

B5 Conditioning Gentle Deep Cleansing Milk:
  • Same PH Level as your Skinļ¼Œallowing you Gentle and Deep Cleansing
  • Added Highly Concentrated Vitamin B5ļ¼ŒEffectively Moisturizes and Smoothens your Skin
  • Refreshing and Non-Sticky Textureļ¼ŒHypoallergenic and Soothes your Skin

Key Product Features 

  • Vitamin B5 Smoothens your skin, prevents it from being Dry
  • Gentle with PH Level 5.5ļ¼ŒCleanse Effortlessly
  • Moisturizing, Refreshing, Non-Sticky, Gently Removes Makeup

Blackhead Washing Brush:

  • Compact Designļ¼ŒConvenient for Travel Useļ¼ŒEasy to Wash
  • Gentle Silicone Materialļ¼ŒQ Soft Cleansing Bristlesļ¼Œdoes not Pull your Skin
  • Ergonomic Designļ¼ŒEasy to Wash any Facial Contourļ¼ŒDeeply Cleans the whole Face
Key Benefits       
  • Can use to Wash or Remove Makeupļ¼ŒGiving you a Massage and Deep Cleanse for Nose and Hard to Reach Areas         
  • Mix with Cleansing Foamļ¼Œproduce Dense Foam, Massage your Face in Circular Movement to Deeply Cleanse your Face  
  • Mix with Makeup Removerļ¼Œreaches Deep into your Poresļ¼Œremoving Makeup Residue       
  • Cleans and Massages your Faceļ¼Œleaving your Skin Radiant inside and out
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