[Buy 3 Free 1] Real Complexion Cream + Derma Real Complexion Cream + Miracle Youth Serum or Dewy Glass Glow Cream Free Aqua Stick


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Real Complexion Cream + Derma Real Complexion Cream  + Miracle Youth Serum or Dewy Glass Glow Cream Free Aqua Stick

1. Derma Moisture Real Complexion Cream SPF30***
  • Refreshing and Moisturizing in Humid Weather, Achieve Supple Skin  
  • Combine with Extreme Water Primer, achieve Lightweight Zero Makeup Finish
  • SPF30★★★ Effective UV Protection  

Key Features  
  • Natural Iris, Rose Flower Extract, giving you Double Colour Correction
  • Added Superb Moisturizing Antarctic Glycoprotein,Boosts Moisturizing and Locks in Moisture
  • Infused with Soothing Centella Asiatica,Soothes your Dry Skin
2. Real Complexion Cream 30ml
  • 100% Skincare that is Makeup Standard,Foundation x Facial Mask x Night Cream 
  • 2% Tranexamic Acid + 7 in 1 Whitening Essence
  • Corrects Skin Tone,Brightening Pinkish Glow! Laze and be Beautiful!
    HALAL Certified

    3. Miracle Youth Serum Cream or Dewy Glass Glow Cream 30ml
    a. Miracle Youth Serum
    • Infused with Highly Concentrated Beauty Essence,added Miracle Oil Control Blurring Power to Control your Facial Oil Secretion  
    • Achieve 10H Dewy Long Wearing Finish, with SPF15★★★ UV Protection
    Key Product Features 
    • All in 1 Bottle - Corrects Skin Tone, Blurs, Moisturizing, Long Wearing, Sun Protection
    • Easily Beautifies your Skin Tone, Conceals your Pores. If applied individually gives a Good Silky Complexion  
    b. Dewy Glass Glow Cream 30ml
    【Squalane x Japanese Algae Formulation】
    • Dewy Radiance and forms a Moisture Retention Shield on your Skin
    • Natural Rose Petal Extract Corrects Redness, Dullness and Sallow Skin
    • Infused with 16 million molecular weight of Polysaccharide, superb hydration, locking in 31 times of moisture
    Key Product Features
    • Revolutionary Formulation with High Moisturizing 13% Beauty Essence
    • Goodbye Dull Blemished Skin, Create a Q Supple Fair Radiance
    • Create a Dewy Radiance, Achieve your Dream Glass Glowing Skin
    4. Aqua Rescue Essence Stick
    Let your Skin be Dewy and Supple 
    • 「Before Makeup」Using it allows Skin to Maintain it’s Moisture,reawakens Skin’s Radiance
    • 「Touch up Makeup」Bye Bye Wearing off Makeup,allows your Makeup to maintain its Lightweight Perfect Fit

    Key Features 
    • Highly Concentrated 63% Moisturizing Beauty Essence,Infused with Southern Sea Collagen,Moisturizing Power UP,Locks in the Moisture in your Skin
    • Infused with TREMELLA FUCIFORMIS, 50 x Hyaluronic Essence’s Moisturizing Power, Achieving a Radiant Supple Finish
    • All Day Dewy and Radiant, Creating Dewy Supple Skin 

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