Super Coverage Hydrating Real Complexion Cream SPF 23*** + Liquid Concealer + Brush


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Super Coverage Hydrating Real Complexion Cream SPF 23*** + 12 Hr Hydrating Liquid Concealer + 5D Precision Brush

1. Super Coverage Hydrating Real Complexion Cream SPF 23 ***
  • Refreshing and Moisturizing in Humid Weather, Achieve Supple Skin  
  • Combine with Extreme Water Primer, achieve Lightweight Zero Makeup Finish
  • SPF23★★★ Effective UV Protection  

Key Features   
  • Natural Iris, Rose Flower Extract, giving you Double Colour Correction
  • Added Superb Moisturizing Antarctic Glycoprotein,Boosts Moisturizing and Locks in Moisture
  • Infused with Soothing Centella Asiatica,Soothes your Dry Skin
2. 12 Hr Hydrating Liquid Concealer 
Ocean Dew Moisturizing Factor」Hydrates and Locks in Moisture, Softens Skin
Australia Berry Extract」Soothes Dryness, Improves Moisture Retention
Using your Fingers to Dab Lightly, Create a Superb Long Staying Finish, Lightweight like your Second Skin

Key Features
  • Infused with Effective Moisturizing Essence, Super Easy to Blend
  • Moisturizing, Smooth, No Fine Lines
  • Perfect Coverage, Conceals Pores and Blemishes
  • Special Water Resistant Formula, Create 12 H Flawless Sweat Resistant Look
3.  Urban Jungle 5D Precision Brush
  • Patented 5D Mountain Shape Design, with Perfect 60 Degrees Angle and Golden 55 Degrees Angle Cut, Designed for Asian Face Shape, Challenges any Facial Contour, giving a Precise Seamless Fit and Natural Flawless Finish.  
  • Double Angled Cut gives it a Straight Tapered Tip, Precisely Corrects and Contours, Overcomes any Makeup Challenge. ½ Ultra-Thin Soft Synthetic Bristles,Densely Packed, giving it a Flexible Access to your Facial Contours.    

  • Key Features 
    • Easily Creates a Luminous Flawless Finish.  
    • Ergonomically designed for Asian Hands, Perfectly Corrects and Contours your Face.
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