Dewy Foundation + Dewy Glow Real Complexion Cream Free Precision Master Brush


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Dewy Foundation + Dewy Glow Real Complexion Cream Free Precision Master Brush

1. Dewy Illuminating Foundation 
Revolutionary Illuminating Long Wearing Foundation 
  • Using Hyaluronic Essence as a Base,Essence is Instantly Absorbed during Application
    Leaves a Lightweight Radiant Glow on your skin, Creating a Dewy Radiant Good Complexion  

Key Product Features 
  • Gentle and Non-Sticky Finish, achieving a Seamless Perfect Fit, Long Wearing UP and does not Wear Off Easily
  • Radiance, Moisturizing 2 in 1, Creating a Revolutionary Skincare Foundation  
2. Dewy Glow Real Complexion Cream 
【Squalane x Japanese Algae Formulation】
  • Dewy Radiance and forms a Moisture Retention Shield on your Skin
  • Natural Rose Petal Extract Corrects Redness, Dullness and Sallow Skin
  • Infused with 16 million molecular weight of Polysaccharide, superb hydration, locking in 31 times of moisture
Key Product Features
  • Revolutionary Formulation with High Moisturizing 13% Beauty Essence
  • Goodbye Dull Blemished Skin, Create a Q Supple Fair Radiance
  • Create a Dewy Radiance, Achieve your Dream Glass Glowing Skin

Free Precision Master Brush 
  • Designed for Asian features
  • 5D Tapered-Edge brush is able to effortlessly reach all contours of the face such as inner corners of eyes, eyebrows, and nose
  • Dense synthetic fine hair that is half the size of normal brush
  • Multi- functioned brush is designed for cream, liquid to powder foundation
  • Ultra-fine brush fibre creates flawless coverage and easy blending
  • Short brush handle allows easy and comfortable grip 

How to use
Dab an appropriate amount of foundation across face
Evenly distribute by sweeping brush outwards towards the hairline
Angle the brush such that the tapered tip of the brush can reach difficult areas such as around the nose
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