Real Complexion Cream x 3 Free 15 Pc Night Rescue Treatment Mask


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Real Complexion Cream 30ML x 3 Free 15 Pc Night Rescue Treatment Mask

Real Complexion Cream 
Key Product Features
  • 100% Skincare that is Makeup Standard, Foundation x Facial Mask x Night Cream 
  • 2% Tranexamic Acid + 7 in 1 Whitening Essence
  • Corrects Skin Tone, Brightening Pinkish Glow! Laze and be Beautiful!
    HALAL Certified

    Free 15 piece of 
     Night Rescue Treatment Mask
    • Revolutionary Essence Gel Texture, Strengthens the Infusion of Skincare Overnight, giving your skin a Deep Repair,equivalent to 30 Bottles of Ampoule Essence, Revitalizes your skin, Creating a Dewy Radiant Supple Skin.
    • Last Step of Skincare before you sleep  
    Key Product Features
    Revolutionary Essence Infused Gel Base Mask   Hydrates and Locks in Moisture『Ceramide』,Strengthens the Moisturizing, Revitalizes your Base Skin Added Super Effective Repair『Copper Peptide』,Creates a Supple Radiant Firm Skin,『Apple Stem Cell』Lightens Fine Lines, Improves the Suppleness and Tightens

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