Super Water Resistant Eyebrow Gel + Eyeliner


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Super Water Resistant Eyebrow Gel + Eyeliner

1. Super Water Resistant Eyebrow Gel 
  • 2mm Rotating Precise Nib,Effortless Create Precise Brow Shape and Fine Brow Tail
  • Super Waterproof Formula,Create Smudge Proof, Trendy, Zero Error Perfect Brows
  • 3 Natural Colours - 01 Grey Brown, 02 Dark Brown, 03 Light Brown  
Key Product Benefits 

  • Exclusive Long Wearing Formula, Resistant against Oil and Sweaty Skin
  • Smooth Texture,Super Pigmented,Designed for Beginners
  • Non-Clumpy, Smudge Proof, Natural Precise Brow Shape in 1 Stroke

2. Eyeliner - Choose from Illegal Eyeliner, Oil & Water Resistant Eyeliner & Ultra Black Eyeliner 

Illegal Eyeliner:
  • Laser Precision allows you to draw thinly~ 
  • Extremely Smudge-proof even under water or oil
  • Quick Dry Formula
  • Protective Film Formula for Long Lasting Oil Control
Comes in Black and Brown

Great for those with Oily Eyelids!

Oil & Water Resistant Eyeliner
  • Upgraded with Waterproof Formula
  • Precise Application Ultra Black Eyeliner, Create Intense Black Long Wearing Eye Lines

Key Features
【Not Afraid of Water or Oil】
Unique Smudge proof Protection Film, Long Staying and Long Wearing
【Intense Black】
Special Ink Diffusor, Ink does not Flow Backwards,1 Stroke gives Intense Black Colour
【Pigmented 0.01mm Anti-Shake Pen Tip】
Precise Application of Eye Line, Zero Technique

Water Resist Ultra Black Eyeliner
Upgraded Super Water Resistant Formula
Draw Precise Intense Black Eye Lines, Create Intense Long Staying Eye Lines  

Key Features    
  • Protective Film Technology, Creates a Super Water-Resistant Wear
  • 0.01mm Flexible Ultra Fine Tip, enables a Consistent Flow of Non-Fading Intense Black Ink
  • 24H Long Wearing, unlocking Alluring Eyes
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