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Warehouse Sale - $ 5.90
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1. Happy Makeup Day
  • Cute tiny packaging, great for carrying around in your makeup pouch!
  • Formulated with Hyaluronic Essence for a smooth & creamy texture
  • Easy application and super blendable!
  • Titanium Dioxide absorbs sebum for a long lasting fresh makeup all day.
Shades Available:
Foundation/ Concealer Sticks: 01 Fair White, 02 Natural Beige 
Blusher/Lipstick/Eyeshadow Sticks: 06 Exotic Berry
Contour Stick: 07 V Shaper Toffee Brown (Double up as an eyeshadow)

Tip: Use together with MKUP 5D Precision master Brush to create a streak-less & flawless finish

2. Metallic Lipstick 
Sensational stardust colors with that unique metallic shine creates a color to die for. 
Metallic is bold, vibrant, and a beautiful shine that creates dimension to your lips.
Long wearing mineral based creamy texture that glides evenly for stunning lips with each coat.  

Shades Available:
04 Galaxia Red

3.  Water Resistant Lip Cream 
Water resistance formulation is so powerful that it is
  • kiss-proof
  • smudge-proof
  • stays puts after eating
It goes on smooth like ice cream and the colour is super pigmented so all you need is a single swipe for intense colour leaving behind gorgeous lips of summer hues that last all day long.

Available in 3 colours
#03 - Burgundy Cherry
#05 - Cranberry Rum
#06 - Mulberry Sherry

4. Q10 Mist 75ml
  • Infused high concentration of Q10 locks in and boosts moisture
  • Rich in anti-oxidants and supports skin cell rejuvenation, making skin so soft and supple
  • Alcohol-free Micro Mist Spray, makes each spray instant moisture relief for dry skin
  • Allows your make up to stay longer all day without irritation
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
How to use
Usage 1. Spray on foundation brush or beauty sponge 
Usage 2. Spray on face and body
Usage 3. Spray on dry & damaged hair for smoother combing
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